Business Growth Services

Missouri Business Growth Services is a team of the Missouri Small Business & Technology Development Centers that targets high growth clients and gives them access to top-level market information and strategies aimed at expanding the revenue portion of their business.

Think of us as a team of temporary experts, dedicated to solving tough issues and discover key opportunities to maximize your growth potential.

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Our Aug. 2012 TRANSFORMATION publication features MO SBTDC Business Growth Services case studies.

Missouri Business Growth Services is part of the economic gardening initiative sponsored by the Edward Lowe Foundation. “Economic gardening” is an innovative entrepreneur-centered economic growth strategy for developing sustainable job growth in local economies. It was pioneered by Chris Gibbons in 1989 in the City of Littleton, Colorado, in conjunction with the Center for the New West, a community that in the ensuing 15 years saw a 136 percent increase in new jobs. It has emerged as a prototype for a rapidly expanding movement to generate truly sustainable economic growth for communities, regions and states.

The three basic elements of economic gardening are:

  1. Providing critical information needed by businesses to survive and thrive.
  2. Developing and cultivating an infrastructure that goes beyond basic physical infrastructure and includes quality of life, a culture that embraces growth and change, and access to intellectual resources, including qualified and talented employees.
  3. Developing connections between businesses and the people and organizations that can help take them to the next level — business associations, universities, round table groups, service providers and more.

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