Business going green

A collection of articles to illustrate strategies for improvements you can implement to save money, decrease costs and help your business go green.

9 Earth Day tips

Saving the planet is good. So is saving money.

New year’s resolution: Go green!

Here are 10 tips to start the new year right and save money, too.

10 ways to save money on energy and reduce waste

And boost your image, too: Forbes says 72 percent of consumers would recommend a brand that supports a good cause.

Save some green on gasoline this summer

The typical Missouri vehicle uses about 600 gallons of fuel annually, which at today’s prices is — a lot.

10 refrigeration efficiency tips to beat the summer heat

Reducing refrigeration costs isn’t just good for the environment, it’s good for your bottom line.

10 ways to green your business in celebration of Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day by increasing your business’ energy efficiency, water conservation, waste reduction, reuse and recycling to benefit the environment and your bottom line

Spring cleaning: 10 simple ways to reduce waste and save money

Spring is a great time to clean — and save some green by going green.

Top 5 reasons to go paperless

Carve out some space for the holidays by going paperless.

Slaying the energy vampires

Stop the feeding … vanquish the energy vampire.

Lighting upgrades: A bright idea for any business

Lighting upgrades can cut 70 percent of your lighting bills and deliver rebates, too.

5 things to look for in a new HVAC system

On average, about 51 percent of commercial building energy costs are related to heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Finding ways to reduce HVAC costs can result in bottom line savings for almost any business.

10 money-savings tips to keep your business cool this summer

Nearly half of all commercial electricity use occurs in the summer.

5 steps to hire an energy auditor

An energy audit can yield big savings — with the right audit and auditor.

10 ways to go green for the holidays

Going green over the holidays can be fun, good for the environment and save you some green.

20 opportunities for small business energy savings

20 tips on how businesses can save money through energy and environment

Green supply chain requirements mean major changes for small Missouri businesses

Buyers of products in the United States require their suppliers to track and reduce environmental impacts.

Advances in renewable energy technology

Advances in renewable energy technology, policy have implications for Missouri’s economy

Modified Asphalt Solutions: Where the rubber IS the road!

Most people would not think of a paving company as a model green business, but Modified Asphalt Solutions is benefiting the environment in many ways.

Green hotels cater to increasing numbers of eco-conscious travelers

The Q in Kansas City is Missouri’s first all-green hotel.

Construction industry finds building green reap benefits

Construction industry finds building green will reap benefits now and down the road

Kansas City consultant emphasizes designs to benefit the environment

Sustainable business means more than profitability. Innovative businesses are realizing the necessity to balance short-term earnings with planetary stewardship.

Lean manufacturing principles yield production benefits

As businesses face increasing customer requirements, the implementation of lean manufacturing principles will ultimately improve the bottom line and increase customer satisfaction.