Cap America, Inc. – Fredericktown

Cap America, Inc., a manufacturer of customized classic, golf, camouflage and knit caps located about 90 miles south of St. Louis in Fredericktown, Mo., was feeling the pinch of foreign competition. Its high-quality products were being undercut by low-cost imports. It was experiencing difficulty marketing and managing new avenues for its products, and profits lagged.

Cap AmericaEnter the Trade Adjustment Assistance for Firms (TAAF) team, especially Jeannine Goodrich. Over the course of about six years, says John Cooper, senior IT manager, the company found new markets and invented enough new products and processes to add about 30 employees, taking its total to roughly 180 workers.

Cooper says TAAF funds were used for marketing materials and support system upgrades. The company developed a new website with improved functionality, design and content; developed new marketing videos; enhanced the website SEO and client interface capabilities; developed better administrative monitoring and analysis; and even developed a mobile Cap America app.

variety of colored caps with logosThe balance was used to reduce duplication, update operating software, update timekeeping and payroll software, purchase new licenses for accounting software and related training and install imaging document software.

“Cap America was able to leverage these funds to implement projects that greatly improved our operations with the financial assistance provided by TAAF,” says Cooper. “With these additions, Cap America has logged record sales two years in a row and remains a top competitor in the promotional headwear industry.”

How competitive?

“We’re anticipating sales in excess of $20 million this year. That figure was $15 million when we started with TAAF.”

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