American Stitchco, Inc. – Mountain Home, Ark.

American Stitchco is a 30-year-old manufacturer of cut and sew and related products, supplying the automotive industry with stitched accessories and production parts; the consumer market with nursing pillows and reusable diapers, heated motorcycle jackets and uniform shirts; and in a new diversification, cargo bags for NASA. Several years ago, says Steve Luelf, president, American Stitchco began losing ground to low-cost, lower-quality overseas manufacturers and had difficulty competing for new opportunities. blue star with lettering reading American Stitchco Inc

Ken Scheve, TAAC project manager called to see if he could help. Luelf says, “We put him off, because often government programs are more trouble than they are worth!” But Scheve persisted, and with his and the program’s help, the firm began a multi-year effort to update obsolete business software, mount an associate training program and update their website for e-commerce.

yellow car with black cover on front

An American Stitchco custom car “bra.”

Luelf estimates that the company grew from about 150 to about 300 associates in the time they’ve worked with Scheve and Mid-America TAAC. “And we look forward to further growth,” Luelf says. “We would not have this opportunity without the cost reductions enabled by the TAAF program.”

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