Making the calendar work for your business

What does your calendar say today? No, not the month and date, but more importantly to your business, the holiday or event. Is it Veteran’s Day, Clean Up Your Computer Month or Cinco de Mayo? Positioning your business with major events, promotions, and holidays is a must-do in today’s competitive business world.

retail calendar

Use the retail promotion calendar for unique marketing ideas.

Just as you remember your grandmother’s birthday and send her a card, you must also remember your customers’ special events and offer them incentives to select your services or products. In the highly demanding marketing world, successful businesses take every opportunity to offer unique, personalized products and services, and using the retail promotions calendar can help you do just that.

Let’s look at June 8, Best Friend’s Day. Immediately we think of our customers’ buying greetings cards and meals, but let’s go further. Of course some businesses can offer gift certificates for massages, sports equipment, and flowers, but all businesses could offer a “Bring Your Buddy Day” where every customer who brings in a best friend receives a 10 percent discount offer (increasing customer traffic by 100 percent!). Or, let’s not forget man’s best friend: this is an opportune time for pet shops and veterinarians to remind owners to take good care of their “best friends.” In the United States, more than 60 million people collectively spent more than $60 billion on their pets last year alone. Reminding them of their best friend is a great way to open the door to more sales. If a local school or organization has picked up on this event, then you must not miss the opportunity to dovetail your promotions in with theirs, as repetition is a key in successful marketing.

Another key is to analyze your market and match buying habits and customer profiles to specific events and occasions. Remember, customers do not come in a one-size-fits-all category, so work to create unique buying experiences for customer groups that center on the retail calendar. And remember to think ahead … creativity takes time and you must have time to weave your marketing into publicity opportunities and marketing efforts of other groups or organizations. Also remember, many customer groups love to compete, so offering a competition, such as “The Ugliest Kitchen,” can help your business tap into the $215 billion broad market of home remodeling. The list is endless.

Bringing in new customers, as well as helping customers purchase more frequently from your business is always a goal of promotions and marketing. Using the retail calendar can increase your traffic flow, offer new and exciting promotions, and most importantly, create a buzz about your business. Don’t let another day go by in which you haven’t reached out to your customer with a retail calendar promotion.

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