Mark Twain Cave – Hannibal (Where are they now?)

We featured Linda Coleberd, owner and general manager of the Mark Twain Cave Complex, last year. The complex faced serious challenges a few years back: The cave had flooded, the economy was in the doldrums and tourist dollars had dried up. And how many times can you explore the same cave?

With the help of Charles Holland, Monroe County University of Missouri Extension BDP business development specialist and some outside-the-box thinking, the complex has now increased sales by 10 percent through expansion and diversification, creating a true four-season destination with a winery, cave-aged cheese and gift shops.

“You have to be a risk-taker if you want your business to grow, and University of Missouri Extension was my teacher, my professor,” Coleberd says. “I would never have done that without the encouragement of MU Extension … Charles Holland encouraged me to think outside the box and get out on a limb.”

Explore the cave, Coleberd’s and Holland’s innovations in this video (2 min)

– Video credit: University of Missouri Extension

Read MU Extension’s story from July 2014.

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