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The statistics aren’t pretty.

Sixty million Americans a year suffer from allergies and asthma. Three billion ear infections are diagnosed annually and we also suffer about one billion colds — two to four per year for adults, six to eight for children – while about a fifth of us come down with the flu each year. *

Dr. Hana's Nasopure nasal wash systemThe U.S. has a decent health care system. The same cannot be said of much of the globe. Our population is a bit more than 323 million. The world population is set to break 7.4 billion very soon. So it’s fair to say that colds, the flu and allergies are a global epidemic.

Yes, basic prevention just makes sense.

Hana R. Solomon, M.D., pediatrician, president and founder of Columbia-based BeWell Health, LLC, makers of Dr. Hana’s Nasopure Nasal Wash, knew that nasal washing with a buffered hypertonic solution removes the vast majority of allergens, shrinks swollen membranes, improves ciliary movement (hair filters in the nose), augments healing, reduces symptoms and studies support it does reduce medication use.

Dr. Hana R. Solomon

Hana R. Solomon, M.D., president and founder of Columbia-based BeWell Health, LLC

Solomon graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine in the mid-80s and practiced ambulatory pediatrics in Columbia for more than 20 years. The endless parade of patients with nasal, sinus and ear problems caused by colds, allergies, infections and exposure to pollution got her thinking — why not help clean the filter, the nose? We breathe 10,000 liters of air each day, why not clean the filter, just like we brush our teeth?

The practice of nasal irrigation is an ancient daily hygienic ritual, found in many cultures.

Dr. Hana began teaching nose washing to 2-year-olds at the onset of her training and in 2001, began to offer a comfortable nose wash for her patients. BeWell Health, LLC was formed in 2007.

Dr. Hana partnered up with the MO SBTDC and the Missouri Innovation Center, a BDP partner, in 2006 to help move the firm to the next level.

Dr. Hana’s Nasopure is now available nationally, with several international distributors.

The Nasopure nasal irrigation system helps keep sinus passages clear.

The Nasopure nasal irrigation system helps keep sinus passages clear.

But the firm knew it could do more.

BeWell Health requested International Trade Center (ITC) aid in 2014 to expand export sales and add to their international distributor network. International trade specialists Sandra Marin, Jackie Rasmussen and others helped develop a comprehensive export plan, provided guidelines for distributor agreements, advice on export documentation requirements and referrals to experts in intellectual property protection and payment methods. In fall 2014, ITC interns also completed a customized project to help BeWell evaluate specific market opportunities.

As a result, BeWell Health increased its export sales 25 percent from 2013-14, and export sales comprise a quarter of company sales today.

Writes Marcus Solomon, BeWell Health director of sales and operations, “This program has helped my company tremendously! From assisting with market expansion, facilitating background checks and helping us verify documentation and compliance requirements, I could not have asked for a better team to help with the international side of things. Not only has the ITC provided excellent customer service, but their research and findings have proven extremely useful and helped increase our sales internationally.”

* Per BeWell Health

To see if your firm is ready to export, contact ITC director Larry Dill at 573-882-7626 or email

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