2017 total solar eclipse = bright business opportunity

You’ve probably heard about the total eclipse coming Aug. 21, 2017 that will make its way across the continental United States from northwest to southeast.

map showing the path of the eclipse across Missouri

Path of the eclipse across Missouri. (Click on the image for an enlargement.)

Missouri will see more of the eclipse than most states, with a path sweeping from just north of Kansas City to just south of St. Louis.

St. Joseph, Liberty, Boonville, Marshall, Columbia, Jefferson City and Cape Girardeau are among the communities directly in its path, with up to two minutes and 40 seconds of day turning to night and being able to see the majesty of the sun’s corona.


So it’s a once-in-a lifetime experience millions will want to see. Savvy businesses can and should benefit from the event, from hotel, motel and B & B owners to restaurant, bar and cafĂ© owners and purveyors of caps, T-shirts and athermal shade glasses (not sunglasses) to avoid eye damage. New research suggests that looking directly at the sun may not permanently damage your eyes, but a small number of people are stricken blind during every eclipse.

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