InnovaPrep LLC – Drexel (Where are they now?)

We last reported on InnovaPrep LLC, a biological particle and pathogen detection device manufacturing firm, in late 2013. Sales were topping the $1.5 million mark. View our previous story on InnovaPrep.

Innovaprep - the macro to micro interfaceThis video highlighting Show-Me State innovation features the firm from about the 1:26 mark to about 7:00. The video also highlights BDP partner the OzSBI (Ozarks Small Business Incubator) in West Plains (13:21-18:00).

Sales are now well over $2 million for InnovaPrep LLC due to 23 pending or awarded patents for collecting and concentrating biological particles from air, surfaces and liquids for a variety of clients.

One client is NASA that worked with the firm for innovative instruments to sample the Martian surface.

Innovaprep equipment

The SpinCon II, a high volume, wet-walled cyclonic air sampler in a tough carrying case that also stores sampling supplies.

It now seems increasingly likely there is or was water on Mars. And everywhere we find water on Earth, we find life. If Mars once had or still has water, there may be microscopic life in or under the surface. And an InnovaPrep product might find it.

“We’re doing a lot of good for the world,” says Dave Alburty, CEO.

And in the community: The firm is located in tiny Drexel, about an hour south of Kansas City, population about 956.

Video courtesy of Nine Network of Public Media. Funding for Show-Me Innovation provided by the Missouri Department of Economic Development and co-hosted by Nine’s Jim Kirchherr and Randy Mason, KCPT.

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