Mo-Sci Corporation – Rolla (Where are they now?)

A wound care product first researched by a doctoral student at Missouri University of Science and Technology, Rolla, was recently approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and will soon be on the market. That student, Steve Jung, is now chief technology officer at Mo-Sci Corp., a Rolla specialty glass manufacturer.

The Mirragen® Advanced Wound Matrix is composed of microscopic glass fibers and particles fully absorbed by the body. Mirragen was developed with ETS Wound Care, also of Rolla. That firm says it will release Mirragen in 2018.

MO-SCI: discover the healing power

Jung’s doctoral adviser at Missouri S&T was Dr. Delbert Day, a groundbreaking glass engineer who co-founded Mo-Sci more than three decades ago to manufacture radioactive glass spheres to treat patients with inoperable liver cancer.

Keith Strassner, director of the Missouri University of Science and Technology SBTDC and of the university’s office of technology transfer and economic development, says the new product is an excellent example of the real-world benefits of academic research.

“The Mirragen story perfectly illustrates how federal support of university research can translate into broader economic and social benefits,” he says. “Then, we were able to create a strong partnership with Mo-Sci, and we were able to transfer the technology to allow the company to make the necessary investments in its commercialization and the regulatory approval process.”

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