Craig Jennings – Davis Creek

Craig Jennings in Davis Creek, a rural, south-central Missouri community, grows thousands of heads of lettuce on a six-week rotation plus leaf crops, tomatoes and peppers.

Craig Jennings inspects lettuce plants

Craig Jennings inspects the small pipes carrying water to his lettuce plants. (Photo by Jennifer Moore, KSMU.)

All without soil.

The plants are grown hydroponically. That’s using water instead of soil.

He also has a 1,500 gallon circular tank with up to 400 tilapia (fish), whose waste finds its way to the plant beds, further conserving resources.

And he thanks the expert agricultural resources of Missouri State University (MSU)-West Plains and Bronwen Madden, MSU SBTDC-West Plains.

But let’s let him speak for himself in this KSMU Ozarks Public Radio story and podcast.

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