What’s Extension worth to Missouri?

A recently completed report on the University of Missouri Extension found a very large impact: An annual investment of about $86 million in 2016 generated nearly $950 million in direct and economic benefit to the state of Missouri.

Extension impact for MissouriThat’s a robust 11-fold return on funding.

The findings are part of a report (PDF) by TEConomy Partners, LLC which assessed the functional impact of Extension, including agriculture and natural resources, the Business Development Program (BDP), community development, human environmental sciences, 4-H and continuing education.

The report had high praise for the BDP:

“MU Extension’s Business Development Programs have successfully leveraged federal and state funds to develop a statewide network of programs that offer a broad but highly integrated suite of services to meet a wide variety of industrial needs,” the reports says. “BDP work at MU Extension is certainly diverse, but at its heart it is very much focused on improving the productivity and output of small and medium sized enterprises, thereby increasing employment opportunities for all Missourians.”

The report concludes that a 1 percent increase in funding for the BDP would create an additional $70.5 million in economic output and 242 new jobs.

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