Rapid Prototyping Education & Application Network

Nearly everyone has heard of 3-D printing, maybe even seen one of these incredible printers at work. But what is it?

neutral colored chain link

A chain link printed using poly-jet printing (PJP) with no post assembly required.

First of all, it’s not an it. Additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping, 3-D printing, solid free form fabrication and quite a few other terms describe a collection of technologies to create parts and models from computer designs from the ground up. And the new Rapid Prototyping Education & Application Network, developed by the MU College of Engineering in collaboration with the BDP, is here to help you create that perfect prototype or replacement part quickly and at low cost.

Whatever your business or industry, the network’s five different printers allow you to make the perfect object. Skilled University of Missouri faculty and students will then help you tweak the design as often as you wish, with as many separate prototypes as you wish. Unlike traditional manufacturing, each prototype takes mere hours to create, allowing you to test far more variations and resulting in a better product.

This also means you no longer have to wait months for expensive replacement parts or to bring your new product to market.

The network offers:

  • Fused deposition modeling
  • Poly-jet printing
  • Stereolithography
  • Selective laser sintering
  • Binder jet printing

The network can also provide quality computer-aided design (CAD) for those who know what they want but not how to model it in a computer.

Watch how the ceremonial mace unveiled at Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin’s inauguration used MU’s College of Engineering 3-D printing technology and expertise. (7 min.)

– Video credit: University of Missouri

For more information contact muENGRrpeducation@missouri.edu or go to engineers.missouri.edu/rpeducation.

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