Ready to mine your business for all it’s worth?


Try BizMiner, a formidable Fortune 500 firm-level financial ratio benchmarking and industry reporting database available through the MO SBTDC.

logo for BizMiner with blue Biz and orange Miner“BizMiner is very powerful and very flexible,” said Paul Bateson, former MO SBTDC business counselor and technology commercialization specialist. “It provides the kind of highly detailed market information usually available only to Fortune 500 companies, now available to small businesses at a fraction of the cost.”

BizMiner covers 6,500 types of businesses and up to a dozen sales classes in thousands of market areas as large as multi-state and as small as one ZIP code. National reports can cover up to 10 years, and state and metro financial reports cover three to five years for most industries.

This data is divided into categories such as industry financial profiles, which provide you the benchmarking information you need to evaluate your business’ performance; complete income statements and balance sheets in dollar amounts; plus all key financial ratios specific to your industry. You can even compare your business’ growth and performance to that of your direct competitors.

Contact your local SBTDC to put you on the path to being as well-equipped with information as a Fortune 500 company.