Business Reference Guide (BRG)

Do you know what your business is worth?

Business Reference Guide

This might seem a question best suited for individuals looking to sell their business and a moot point for individuals just starting an enterprise. But what if a larger entity takes an interest in your brand-new product and offers to buy you out? How can you be assured top dollar for the company you moved heaven and earth to create?

Business Reference GuideThat’s where the Business Reference Guide (BRG), available through the MO SBTDC, can help. This essential guide contains up-to-date rules of thumb and pricing information for more than 700 types of businesses. The BRG also provides:

  • Industry-specific reports with data provided by business brokers and other contributors
  • Pricing tips from experts in your industry
  • Benchmarking data
  • Industry resources, such as associations and publications
  • General industry data, surveys and comments
  • The ability to create a profile for potential buyers branded with your logo, colors and other data

All these tools allow you to confirm the accuracy of your valuations with the most current data.

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