Contacts for licenses and permits




To receive information regarding requirements for a particular kind of business, contact the business development specialists at Missouri Small Business Development Centers
Locate a center near you by visiting the list at:
Federal Tax Identification Number (EIN)
Ask for Form SS-4
Internal Revenue Service Business & Specialty Tax phone line: 800-829-4933
Online application:
Register for business taxes including:
State ID Number
Sales and Use Tax
Employee Withholding Tax
Corporate Income Tax
Missouri Dept. of Revenue
Taxation Division
PO Box 3300
301 West High St. (physical location)
Jefferson City MO 65105-3300
Business tax contact information:
Register for business taxes to include:
State ID Number
Unemployment Insurance Tax
Workers’ Compensation Insurance
Missouri Division of Employment Security
PO Box 59
421 E. Dunklin
Jefferson City MO 65104 -0059
Department of Labor employer information:
Fictitious Name (Trade Name) (cost $7)
Articles of Incorporation (cost a minimum of $58)
Missouri Secretary of State
Capitol Building, Room 208
PO Box 778
600 W. Main St., Room 322 (physical location)
Jefferson City MO 65102-0778
Workers’ Compensation Insurance – required with five or more employees, or one or more in construction business. Recommended for all businesses. Contact a commercial insurance representative
County Merchant’s License
(Required for any business collecting sales tax within the county)
County Collector’s office
City Business License
(Contact the appropriate city government offices if located in other incorporated townships within your county)
City business/merchant license office
Other agencies that may require specialized licenses or permits: Health Department, Zoning Permits, Professional Licenses such as Physicians, Lawyer, Real Estate, Securities, etc. Trade Licenses such as Day Care, Plumbing, Heating, Electrician, etc. Visit the Missouri Business Portal’s registration and licenses¬†tool at:
Contact the Missouri SourceLink call center at: 866-870-6500 or complete the MOSourceLink contact form for more information and assistance.