Esri Business Analyst

Ready to put your business on the map with Esri?

globe with text esri, understanding our world, next to it with Business Analyst text belowGovernment agencies use it for city planning, traffic management and disaster relief. Housing organizations and developers use it to develop feasibility studies for new developments. And multinational corporations use it to track product success or failure and plan new international markets.

Now you can use this powerful tool to find new markets, too.

It’s called Esri Business Analyst, it uses advanced geographic information systems (GIS) and it’s one of the most powerful weapons in the MO SBTDC business arsenal.

Danny Lobina, former director of the Moberly Area Community College SBTDC, says he recommends it to every client. Some people think they’re too small or in the wrong industry to benefit from GIS; that’s not so, he says.

“Industry is not an indicator of who should use it,” Lobina says. “A retailer, for example, can use it to understand her customers better; a brewery, to map out convenience stores, restaurants and delivery routes; or a business that services hospitals, to map out health care facilities. The possibilities are almost endless.”

A skilled counselor like Lobina first draws a map that encompasses a defined trade area, which can be as large as multi-state or as small as certain city neighborhoods. He then overlays this map with up to 300 parameters ranging from age, race and gender to business locations, construction employment, the number of people dining in or dining out, average amount spent on dining out, demographic and income data, expenditure by household, shopping centers, traffic counts and much more.

Sounds overly complex? You’re probably already using mapping, either with an app like Google Earth or in your head. Esri Business Analyst just adds more reliable customer data to your business’ map.

“When you understand your customers and their buying habits, you better understand your business,” says Lobina. “It helps you make better business decisions.” He adds Esri can be a great client prospecting tool, literally creating a roadmap to new markets.

To see how Esri Business Analyst can make out your future, contact an SBTDC near you: