ProfitCents tool

MO SBTDC’s financial analysis tool offers unparalleled financial analysis — and a peek at your future


text: ProfitCents by SageworksProfitCents by Sageworks provides private company financial information and develops financial analysis solutions based on past financial performance. This information gives you relevant data about your company’s performance — data that you can use to better manage your business and to make projections and plan for your future growth.

Your local Missouri Small Business & Technology Development Center and ProfitCents can help your business with:

  • Database — ProfitCents has a database of industry specific ratios that assist in constructing business plan pro forma financial projections.
  • Guidance — ProfitCents gives you specific recommendations on how to increase your business’ liquidity, profitability, and sales.
  • Projections — ProfitCents has the ability to use your past or pro forma financial data and then project future financial results based on that initial financial data input.
  • Custom reports — ProfitCents can use your past financial data from income statements and balance sheets to build a custom report and analysis based on your company’s reported performance.

What does this mean?collage of people working on financial documents

  • Realistic financial projections
  • Benchmarking tool for your industry
  • Creative ideas on how to focus your management efforts
  • Creative ideas on how to grow your business
  • Better understanding of business operations

ProfitCents is a web-based financial analysis software suite that turns complex financial data into a report written in plain language, with charts and graphs whose meaning you can grasp in a glance. The report uses ratio and trend analysis as well as unique industry comparisons and even expectations to analyze your firm’s financial health in hundreds of categories from sales, inventory and assets to debt, payroll and borrowing capacity to better position your firm for growth.

The report is a snapshot of exactly how well you’re doing, how well you will be doing and how your financial situation compares to similar businesses. This unique industry scorecard examines nearly 20 indicators, compares them to the industry average and indicates how far or close you are to similar firms. Each report is unique to your company’s financial condition, financial performance and industry because no two businesses are exactly the same.

You can use the report to:

  • Analyze, adjust, increase and project revenue
  • Get a handle on debt, overhead, taxes and other expenses
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in your company’s financial structure and learn what your financial structure looks like in preparation for growth or additional financing
  • Prepare for the future

business people looking at graphs on paperAnd dozens of other uses.

ProfitCents is designed for an owner/manager of an existing small- to medium-sized business. While there is a fee associated with custom reports, it’s on a sliding scale. Individualized analysis of the results, in addition to small business counseling based on your specific needs, is also available.

For more information or to see if ProfitCents is the right tool for your business’ transformation, contact a business development specialist at your local MO SBTDC.