PTAC news you can use: Capture management

Capture management is everything a company does to raise the probability of a win between the time it decides to pursue a government contract and the time the RFP is released.

chess board capturing kingIf you have a formal capture management process, here are four ways to strengthen it by integrating Missouri Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (MO PTAC)¬†support along the way. Our mission is to help businesses — including small, disadvantaged, veteran- and women-owned firms — identify, bid on and win the right federal, state and local government contracts.

1. Identify the right opportunity

Sign up for our bid match service for a convenient way to find government market opportunities in your geographic area. Also ask us about support and training available to help you learn how to conduct market research. You can learn a lot about future opportunities by studying past and current opportunities.

2. Forward it to your MO PTAC counselor

When you identify an opportunity you wish to pursue, forward it to your MO PTAC counselor and request a meeting as soon as possible. Here are some benefits you may gain:

  • Insights on your chances of success from an experienced PTAC professional
  • Unique information about the opportunity or agency
  • Useful strategies, tips and insights to consider and implement in your capture plan
  • Information on how to set up notifications as they are released about a specific opportunity.

3. Review it ASAP

When the formal solicitation is published, review it immediately with your team, paying close attention to words like “must,” “shall,” “required,” and “mandatory” in the solicitation. If there are technical questions related to the scope of work, forward those to the contracting officer immediately. If you are confused about any language in the solicitation, forward it to your MO PTAC counselor with a copy of the solicitation. Highlight, circle or underline areas in which you’d like to gain a better understanding.

4. Schedule a review

WINSchedule a proposal review with your MO PTAC counselor at least a week in advance of the submission deadline. This will give your counselor an opportunity to review your proposal, make recommendations and allow you time to build those recommendations and required edits into your proposal before you turn it in.

If you’d like to learn more about government contracting or want to get better results from current contracting, contact the Missouri Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (MO PTAC) today.

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