Efficiency & renewables

Energy savings can be found in almost any business practice. (See Ernie’s Energy Savings Tips for Small Businesses (PDF). Many utility companies provide on-site energy audits for businesses, or offer on-line software that identifies opportunities when provided information on the building, equipment, operations and lighting.

Financial incentives

Many utility companies provide various incentives for energy efficient upgrades and equipment. Use the energy efficiency widget (to the right) to find what incentives your utility offers.

Additionally, you can find a list of tax breaks, rebates and grants provided by federal, state and local agencies and utility companies at the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency.

Energy Star

The ENERGY STAR Program has many resources that can guide businesses in saving money from lighting, heating, air conditioning and office equipment purchase, use and maintenance. Energy Star also operates a toll-free hotline at 888-STAR YES for answering questions, providing engineering support and product information.

Use the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager to track your energy performance and to find out how your building energy use ranks nationally. (You will need 13 months of energy bills to compare your performance.)

ENERGY STAR also provides various financial tools to help you understand how your investments in energy efficiency building will pay off.

Energy audits

Hiring a professional energy auditor can help you take your energy efficiency investments to the next level. Missouri’s Division of Energy has compiled a map showing professionally certified auditors. Learn how to hire an energy auditor.