P2 Intern Program

Sustainability in action

The P2 Intern Program recruits and trains upper level engineering students to identify and analyze cost effective opportunities that will reduce energy and environmental costs. The P2 Intern Program has saved Missouri companies more than $1,170,000 in annual operating costs.

The video below helps explain how P2 helped Missouri Employers Mutual Insurance Co. in Columbia, Mo. save energy costs [2 min.]

The process

The process is simple:

  1. P2 program staff meet with your company or institution to help identify potential areas of cost savings.
  2. We match your needs with the experience and interests of the students in our pool of qualified interns.
  3. The P2 program provides recommendations and resumes for interns. The decision to hire the intern is yours.

Interns typically begin at the start of summer for a 10-12 week internship. We can also accommodate January starts or co-op appointments of up to eight months. At the end of the project, your company receives a written report containing the top recommendations, supported by feasibility and cost analysis, estimated savings and reduced environmental impacts. For more information, contact the P2 Intern Program at the University of Missouri:

Featured P2 success story

P2 intern Aziz Kadric at American Commercial Lines in St. Louis

P2 intern Aziz Kadric at American Commercial Lines in St. Louis

P2 intern Aziz Kadric calculated cost savings from motor improvements, lighting replacements and logistical efficiencies for the American Commercial Lines (ACL) barge terminal in St. Louis. Kadric’s recommendation to replace failing motors could save the company more than $12,000 annually in electricity costs, not to mention the cost of downtime and constant repairs for the old motors. His recommendations to increase loading efficiencies by 20 percent could save more than $200,000 annually.

“P2 interns are more apt to ask questions and their projects are very in-depth. Aziz worked really hard to come up with answers and he offered a new perspective that helped find optimal solutions.”
— Dave Evans, Terminal Manager, American Commercial Lines, St. Louis

What type of clients do we serve?

Our clients include manufacturers, food producers, hospitals, telecommunications centers, municipalities and even a barge terminal. P2 interns can also be placed in communities to analyze options for multiple smaller businesses with high energy costs, such as hotels, restaurants, convenience stores, grocery stores and farm-related operations.

What is the cost of our services?

Client organizations agree to pay P2 interns a minimum of $15 per hour for full-time engagement over a ten-week or eight-month internship. Interns are expected to work full time (40 hours/week) for the duration of the program. Organizations must also provide interns with a work area, computer, telephone and any necessary safety training.

Financing options

The P2 program assists with the identification of available utility rebates, grants, secured loans and tax incentives to help finance the intern position and recommended improvements.

Technical support

The P2 faculty and staff offer guidance and assistance for the duration of the project. Equipment is available for monitoring the efficiency of boilers, compressors, motors, lighting, heating and cooling equipment.

P2 intern profile

P2 interns must successfully complete intensive course work in energy efficiency measures, best management practices and applied engineering. Students applying for internships must demonstrate strong academic performance, and provide references and writing samples. Preference is given to students with prior industrial, military and leadership experience. Only upper-level engineering students are accepted into the program.

For students

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