Services for growing companies

Every successful business has growing pains. Tell us where it hurts.

If your company has:

  • Grown past the startup phase but is not yet fully mature OR
  • Reached $750,000 in total receipts and has 10 to 99 employees OR
  • Entered national and global markets that bring outside dollars to your community

You could be one of the nation’s Stage 2 companies that comprise 13 percent of U.S. businesses, create 35 percent of all jobs and generate more than 35 percent of all sales in the U.S.

The Missouri Small Business & Technology Development Centers (MO SBTDC) have a unique set of services designed specifically to meet the needs of growing companies facing the challenges that accompany business success.

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Economic Gardening

Would you like to find more of your best customers? Economic Gardening services help you understand your customer mix and enhance your marketing strategy to attract more of the right customers.
Learn more about Economic Gardening.

Financial analysis

How do you compare financially to your competition? We can tell you. Then, we can show you how to improve your company’s performance by using one of these tools:

International trade

Do you want to export but think it’s too complicated? Do you want to reach new international markets? Our specially trained team can assess your readiness to export, create an export plan, teach you the requirements for exporting and help you identify markets and export partners.
Learn more about the MO SBTDC International Trade Center.

Succession planning

What are your long-term plans for your business? Who will take over in your absence? What is your company worth? We can help you structure your business for that inevitable transition of ownership. Even if it will be many years before a change occurs, it’s best to start planning now to ensure your company can survive after you retire.
Learn more about succession planning services.

Human resources

Do you struggle with recruiting, onboarding and retaining good employees? Do your employees struggle with basic workplace skills, such as communication, conflict resolution and customer service? Our HR experts can help you put the right people in the right places and teach your most valuable assets how to work together.

Management assessments

How well does your management team perform? We offer SMART and QuikSMART. Both assessments based on the Malcolm Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence that will examine your operations in seven key areas, including customer and market focus, leadership, strategic planning, process management, human resources, information and analysis and results.
Learn more about SMART and QuikSMART.

Technology development and commercialization

Have you invented something, but have no idea how to get it patented or copyrighted? How do you know if anyone will buy it? Our specialists can help you assess the commercial viability of a product and assist with manufacturing contracts, intellectual property issues and presentations to investors.
Learn about technology development and commercialization.

Strategic planning

Can you describe where you want your company to go? How will you know when you get there? Our experts facilitate a seven-session planning process that results in a plan you can use to drive improved performance.
Learn more about strategic planning services.

Measure, manage and succeed – the balanced scorecard

Do you spend your day solving problems that never should have occurred? Are your employees busy with no noticeable results? The balanced scorecard is a measurement and management system that channels the energy and skill of your employees into the most productive activities to help you achieve your vision.
Learn more about the balanced scorecard.

“Our consultant is probably the most knowledgeable marketing and business growth person that I’ve ever personally met. The first thing anyone seeking to expand a company should do is talk to the SBTDC.”
– Kansas City technology company owner

“Our SBTDC counselor just brings a wealth of experience and ideas for us to consider as we survive these challenging economic times and global competition. He’s just great in a mentoring capacity because he has come to know the staff and understands our company’s strengths and opportunities. Meeting someone who understands all the aspects of manufacturing is a terrific resource.”
– Columbia manufacturer

For more information on Stage 2 services:

Contact Kelly Dyer at 573-634-3511, or send an email to

Our other signature programs include:

The Missouri Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (MO PTAC) assist businesses — including small, disadvantaged and women owned firms — in obtaining federal state and local government contracts. MO PTAC’s specialists have years of experience and can help you identify opportunities and understand the contracting process so you can take advantage of government sales dollars. Contact your local PTAC office, email or call 573-882-8058 to learn more.

The Trade Adjustment Assistance for Firms (TAAF) program equips U.S. manufacturers to proactively respond to import competition. For some companies, imports post a serious threat. Working with TAAF specialists, firms can identify and prioritize opportunities for increased profits, job creation and long-term financial stability. Then, firms may apply for funding (that must be cost-shared by the company) to implement projects that are focused on improving a firm’s internal operations and competitive abilities. TAAF’s professionals work collaboratively with manufacturers in each phase of the program. Contact your local TAAF office, send an email to or call 816-666-9420.