Consulting services

Personalized business consulting

MO SBTDC business development specialists use their expertise to help Missouri businesses with critical business development issues. Guidance addressing topics such as management, marketing and strategic planning is available for new and existing businesses. All counseling is confidential; many services are available at no charge (subsidized by our funding partners). For personalized help exploring  ideas or growing your business, contact a MO SBTDC counselor near you or sign up online.

Technology development & commercialization

The MO SBTDC program encourages and enhances technology R&D, technology transfer and technology deployment. Our technology specialists can help you assess the commercial viability of your intellectual property whether it originated from a business, university or federal lab. We can assist with manufacturing technology and processes, patents and trademarks and presentations to investors. Learn more.

Supporting you as you grow

The MO SBTDC offers a unique set of services designed specifically to meet the needs of growing companies facing the challenges that accompany business success, from financial analysis to HR and management assessment to strategic planning. Some services and tools include SMART, Balanced Scorecard, ProfitCents, Esri Business Analyst, BizMiner and Business Reference Guide. Every successful business has growing pains. Tell us where it hurts. We can help. Learn more.

Economic Gardening

Economic Gardening is offered by a team of MO SBTDC specialists that targets high growth clients, providing them access to top-level market information and strategies aimed at expanding the revenue portion of their business. Like a team of temporary experts, these specialists are dedicated to solving tough issues and discovering key opportunities to maximize growth potential. Some of the special disciplines offered are new media/search engine optimization, market research and geographic information systems. Learn more.

Succession planning

Many business owners have no exit strategy in the event of their disability, retirement or death. When you are laser focused on meeting payroll, pleasing customers and managing day-to-day operations, you have little time to consider your succession plan. But having a roadmap for the future is the best way to ensure the survival of the business. MO SBTDC specialists can help you learn what options are available, how to value your business and how you can create documentation that will honor your wishes. You’ll learn how to create the best case scenario for your future. Learn more.

International trade and exporting

The MO SBTDC offers specially trained export specialists that can help your company grow revenues and create jobs by expanding into global markets. Through our export team’s counseling, training opportunities and programs we can help assess your readiness to export, create an export plan, learn about export compliance and documentation, identify potential export markets and foreign trade partners and more. Learn more.