What businesses are saying

"Without a doubt the SBTDC provides a vital service to our business community and without it many businesses would not know where to go to get the financial help they need ... The SBTDC is a great example of my tax dollars hard at work for the betterment of my company, and my community in which I live."

"The first thing anyone who wants to start a high-tech business in Missouri should do is talk to the SBTDC."

"MO PTAC has been very beneficial in helping guide us in our business adventure. Without this assistance, we would not be where we are today. If I was to pick one single thing that contributed the most to our success, it would be MO PTAC's assistance."

"MO PTAC has been exceptional in providing support, a must for all businesses. Great service -- gets through the red tape."

"The Mid-America TAAC team has been tremendously helpful. They worked hard through the approval process to get money for our contract projects. We had to put skin in the game too which made us appreciate every dime of the grant. It's a great program."