About the University of Missouri Extension Business Development Program

The University of Missouri Extension Business Development Program (BDP) is a statewide network which helps businesses succeed in every stage from concept to startup, growth to renewal, mature to succession through a variety of programs In addition to MU Extension offices, business counselors are based on each of the campuses of the University of Missouri and at other public higher education institutions throughout Missouri. Our website provides access to information, assistance and training to help businesses compete in a rapidly changing world.

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The BDP specialists work with a wide variety of companies each year. The economic impact many of those firms realize is self-reported by the business owners themselves.

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Programs include:

Mission statement

The BDP’s mission is to improve people’s lives and the competitiveness of Missouri businesses through research-based education and technical assistance to enhance Missouri’s economy.

Vision statement

Within the next five years, the BDP’s vision is to:

  • Be recognized as a leader in the University’s economic development mission and build linkages among students, faculty and businesses to promote research, learning, service, economic growth and quality of life.
  • Be recognized as the national and statewide leader in entrepreneurial development and the creation and growth of small businesses from inception to tomorrow’s enterprise leaders.
  • Become a valued and trustworthy business information source, disseminating business research, resources, training and information for business, policy makers and individuals.
  • Become a market-driven organization that serves entrepreneurs, businesses and Missouri’s workforce with customer-focused programs that are fundable from program revenues, donations, grants and stakeholders.
  • Be recognized for our training and learning innovations that effectively use students, businesses, faculty, technology and staff to enhance the learning process for clients and the economy of Missouri.


Most of the services provided by SBTDCs, such as advising, are free. SBTDC counseling services are financed in part by taxpayers through the Small Business Administration (SBA). There may be a nominal fee for some services such as management assessments and evaluations (SMART, QuickSMART and Balanced Scorecard), training courses, patent and trademark searches, printed publications and copies, business plan writing support, Economic Gardening and other growth services.

Because some services are free doesn’t mean they aren’t high quality. SBTDC business specialists have a variety of backgrounds. Some may be former business owners or directors of nonprofit agencies. They are committed to helping businesses prosper.

MO PTAC charges for bid matching services. Contact your local procurement counselor for a copy of the fee schedule.

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Each of our programs may be contacted via the center listing. Specific business information questions may be submitted to our partner, Missouri SourceLink by phoning 866-870-6500.

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