How to complete the System for Award Management (SAM) registration

A key prerequisite when selling to the federal government is to get registered in the System for Award Management (SAM). SAM logoMO PTAC counselors are finding that large prime contractors are also starting to require that a business be registered in SAM prior to doing business with that prime.
Beware of entities that charge a fee to help with your SAM registration
. SAM registration is free and your PTAC counselor can help.
Below are step-by-step instructions on how to complete the SAM registration.

Contact your local Missouri PTAC counselor for assistance.

How to register in SAM
(System for Award Management)


What is SAM?

  • The System for Award Management (SAM) is the official U.S. government vendor registration system.
  • SAM is a free registration, valid for one year.


Before you begin …

  • Do you have a DUNS Number? If not, register online for a free DUNS at
    – Request your DUNS via the web
    – Select “Country > Continue”
    – Select “Continue to Government iUpdate”
    – “Find DUNS” or “Request new DUNS > Start Now”
    – Follow the prompts to complete the registration
  • If you already have a DUNS, is your company information correct?
  • Do you have a TIN/EIN number for your business? Only sole proprietors can use a social security number for this registration. To get a TIN/EIN, apply online at the IRS webpage:
  • Look through the screen prints following below to note other information you will need for your registration.


SAM registration tips

  • Browser choice is important. If you are having difficulty with one web browser, try another.
  • Move through page by page. (Do not skip around sections.)
  • Complete all sections completely and accurately. (SAM information feeds into other federal systems.)
  • If you do not complete your registration in one session, your partial registration will be saved. This will be found in the “Incomplete Registrations” under My SAM.
  • Record your user name/password for future updates.
  • If you were previously registered in CCR (registration system before SAM) you will need to migrate your CCR record over to SAM before you can update your record.
  • If you need assistance, a help desk number is listed on Another free resource available to you is the PTAC (Procurement Technical Assistance Center) organization. To locate a PTAC near you, go to and choose the state where your business is located.


Step 1: Create user account

For new users, you must first create a personal user account.

  • “Create User Account” at and select “Individual Account.”Complete two pages of personal information.
  • Once your information is submitted, you will receive an email. Follow the directions in the email to activate your user name/password.

SAM Create User Account



2: Register entity (company)

  • Log in with new user name/password
  • “Register/Update Entity”
  • “Register New Entity”

SAM Register Entity



3: Determine purpose of registration

  • Use drop downs to select correct answers. Choose “Yes” to bidding on contracts.
  • Next/”Confirm Purpose”

SAM Purpose of Registration



4. Core Data — DUNS Information

  • Enter information exactly how D&B has your company listed, including punctuation and spaces. Information entered in SAM will electronically match with D&B. If not an exact match, an error message will be received.

SAM Data DUNS information



Verify DUNS Information

  • The address information you entered is compared to the information returned from D&B. This must be an exact match.
  • “Save and Confirm” (Note: if you have an address change after registering, DUNS must be updated first, then enter new address and select “Refresh D&B Data” in SAM.)

SAM Verify DUNS information



Business Information

  • Enter Business Information
  • Create MPIN password and record in a safe place.
  • “Save/Continue”

SAM Business information



IRS consent

  • Enter your business information exactly how it is listed with the IRS. This information is matched electronically, so if an email is received from SAM that your entity (business) has failed IRS matching, you will be required to go back into your registration and correct this page.
  • Sign with your MPIN > “Save and Continue”

SAM IRS Consent



CAGE identification

  • As a new user, you most likely do not have a CAGE code. Answer “No” to this question. A CAGE code will be assigned to you. This could take up to a week and your SAM profile will not be active until the CAGE is assigned.
  • “Save and Continue”

SAM CAGE Identification



Core Data — Immediate Owner

  • Immediate Owner is defined as an entity other than the offeror, that has direct control of the offeror. Indicators of control include, but are not limited to, one or more of the following: ownership or interlocking management, identity of interests among family members, shared facilities and equipment and the common use of employees.

SAM Core Data Immediate Owner



General information

  • Fill out required fields, and select any socioeconomic categories that apply to the majority owner of your business.

SAM General Information



General information, continued

SAM General Information - continued



Financial information

  • Complete banking information. ACH phone number is the phone number to your bank. Type as (xxx)xxx-xxxx.
  • “Save and Continue”

SAM Financial Information



Executive compensation

  • Answer question regarding compensation
  • “Save and Continue”

SAM Executive Compensation



Proceedings questions

  • Answer questions
  • “Save and Continue”

SAM Proceedings Questions



Information Opt-out

  • If you want the public (including a prime contractor) to be able to view your SAM information, check Yes. Confidential information such as your banking page will not be viewable. Please note: you will receive phone calls and emails from companies marketing their services for a fee. Paying fees for services is not required to sell to government or prime contractors.

Sam Information Opt Out



5. Assertions – goods and services

  • Enter your industry codes (NAICS) and mark one as primary. To find NAICS, type in keywords in the 2012 search field at

SAM Assertions Goods and Services (NAIS)



Goods and services

SAM Goods and Services (PSC codes)



Size metrics

  • Enter average three-year sales and average number of employees for 12 months. This data combined with your selected NAICS determines your size status, i.e., small business.

SAM Size Metrics



EDI information

SAM EDI Information



Disaster relief

  • If your company is available to work on disaster relief projects, answer “yes” and fill out the remaining information.

SAM Disaster Relief



6. Reps and Certs (FAR Responses)

  • Represent and Certify company information by answering 27 questions. The FAR links are referenced for further information on each question.

SAM Reps and Certs (FAR responses)



Defense response

  • If you want to bid on DOD contracts, choose “Yes” and answer questions 29 through 35.

SAM Defense Response



7. Points of contact

  • This section includes both mandatory POCs and Optional POCs. Note “Copy” button for faster data entry.

SAM Points of Contact



Points of contact — optional

SAM Options points of contact



8. SBA supplemental page

  • SBA profile is a database of small businesses. Registration is required for SBA 8(a) and HUBZone certifications. Otherwise this page is optional, but recommended for all small businesses. Company information will be publically viewable at
  • When registering, it’s important to include a short capabilities narrative and keywords for optimal search capability.

SAM SBA supplemental page



Final submit

  • Once your SAM registration is submitted, it may take several weeks before your registration is active. You will receive emails from SAM stating the progress of your registration.
  • The SAM registration is good for one year. If you update any time before the one year date, the year starts over. You will receive notice from SAM when your registration is expiring.
  • To update or renew a registration:
    – Log in with user name and password (password may need to be reset if expired)
    – Go to “Register/Update Entity”
    – Select “Complete Registrations”
    – Click on “Company Name” in left block (which moves it to the right block)
    – “Update”
    – Move through each page, making any necessary changes, until the final submit.


Entities registering in SAM must submit a notarized letter appointing their authorized Entity Administrator. Send in the letter immediately after registering a new entity (business).

Templates are found in

Step 1: Determine which template is required.

  • I need to formally appoint an Entity Administrator for a single domestic entity. – Use Template 1
  • I need to formally appoint an Entity Administrator for multiple domestic entities in my organization. – UseTemplate 2

Step 2: Complete the template and print on your entity’s letterhead.

  • If you don’t have letterhead, enter your entity’s legal business name and physical address at the top of the letter before printing.

Step 3: Sign the completed letter in the presence of the notary.

  • Make sure the person who signs the letter is someone with signatory authority, i.e. someone who can make commitments on behalf of the entity like the president, CEO, or other authorized representative.
  • Confirm your identity in accordance with your state’s notary procedures.

Step 4: Mail the completed, signed, notarized letter to:

LONDON, KY 40741-7285

For further assistance, please contact your local procurement specialist.