Mid-America Trade Adjustment Assistance Center

Assisting U.S. manufacturers in Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska

A tool for change in today’s changing world of business, the Trade Adjustment Assistance for Firms (TAAF) program equips U.S. manufacturers to proactively respond to import competition. For some businesses, imports represent a minor challenge — for others they pose a serious threat.

How the program works

man working with manufacturing equipment

Eligible firms are assisted in two ways.

  1. Trade Adjustment Assistance Center (TAAC) personnel conduct a comprehensive company assessment to identify and prioritize opportunities for increased profits, job creation and long-term financial stability.
  2. TAAF partners with manufacturers by offering cost share grant funding of up to $150,000 (50 percent company match) or $30,000 (25 percent company match) to implement projects that are focused on improving a firm’s internal operations and competitive abilities for increased profits, jobs creation and long-term financial stability.

Trade Adjustment Assistance Centers are staffed with experienced business professionals who work collaboratively with manufacturers through each phase of the program — from certification to project implementation and completion.

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